29 January 2017

What's Your Week?

  • My friend, can Waffle Town tempt you with this offer?
  • Bridger reports were not turned in on time. Sorry, Watson, Crumbler, & Watson clerical staff: you're fired.
  • Frank & the kids, they're back from vacation.
  • Chandler Harkle caught how many fishes? Oh My!
  • Foul language is never to be used in
  • Waffle Town
  • Cruncher Hill
  • Burough Acres

  • Danielle's Dolphins out of business: dolphin stocks too low.
  • What's Your Week?
  • Hibbert Gumpton bludgeoned how many mules? Well done!
  • What's Your Week?
  •  Down at the hole, the kids had fun!

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