23 November 2014

The Allure of Fantasy

Celebrated fantasy novelist Renata Gravelstein will be at Waffle Town Public Library tomorrow to read from her new story collection Window, Window. Seating will be provided for thirty attendees.

In the event that all seats have been claimed, further attendees will not be turned away, provided they have brought their own folding chairs. Folding chairs should not exceed thirty inches in height. Plastic folding chairs are preferred. Metal folding chairs are allowed, but must be fitted with rubber or felt leg tips. Metal folding chairs will be inspected for leg tips at the door. Extra leg tips will be available on-site, but quantities are limited and it is requested that, if necessary, guests pre-fit their metal folding chairs before arriving. Wooden "patio style" folding chairs that conform to the aforementioned height limits will also be allowed. For questions regarding other types of folding chairs, or folding chairs of unusual shape or width, please call the library's front desk.

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