23 June 2017

Roaring Fire a Roaring Success

Despite a sweltering evening heat, the crowds were happy to come out for the annual bonfire last night. Providing this year's Honored Kindling was the sty in which prize hog Beryl farrowed her litter of future ribbon-earners. The festivities even drew visitors from out of town: a resident of Blueberry Stockdale confided that Waffle Town "sure knows how to burn things." Blueberry Stockdale, wonderful Blueberry Stockdale. Miles away, but its shadow is very long. How it seems to hover above its fellows, contented and serene, like the wise man on the mountaintop. How the very earth beneath our feet seems to bear our resentment. The fruit of the vine is bitter with it. The crops are deformed by it. Why, it's enough to drive a person mad.

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