23 January 2016

Weather Emergency: Instructions & Helpful Tips

Due to a weather emergency, all government services have been temporarily suspended. In addition, all privately-owned businesses are temporarily forbidden from operating. Saturday classes are canceled, even for home-schooled children. The hospital, which is running on emergency power, will be turning away all but those with the most pressing ailments. 

Remain inside your homes; do not answer knocks on your door. If you become bored or ill-at-ease, take a nap, or read a book or magazine. If you lose power, don't fret: it will come back on eventually. Do not share unpleasant news or long pent-up secrets with any housemates, as you will be spending many hours in close proximity and will want to avoid an incident.

Finally, if your home is equipped with a secure underground shelter, resist the temptation to retreat into it. This will all blow over eventually.

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