01 September 2015

Welcome, Kola Birds

It's a birdwatcher's paradise in Potswell Park today, where pileated kola birds flit from branch to branch, reticulated kola birds build nests from twigs and cicada shells, and nobleman's lovely kola birds enchant all in earshot with their haunting song. As ever, they're joined by the mock kola birds - not birds at all, in fact - which will accompany them all the way to Patagonia, picking off stragglers and helping themselves to the occasional egg. 

You guessed it: the kola birds are here again, having made their way to Waffle Town on the first leg of their journey south. As the sun sets on another summer, birdwatchers and birdcollectors are "flocking" to Waffle Town's plentiful wooded areas, where they will enjoy two weeks (but no more, by law) of our feathered visitors' egg-laying and tree-squatting antics. 

It's long been the dream of many a birdsman to convince the kola birds to stay and become a native species; thus far, no attempts at communication have yielded a satisfactory result. 

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