08 September 2014

Crinkle Memories

Assemblyman Warren Crinkle, a lifelong resident of Waffle Town, is being remembered today by friends, family, and strangers alike. "He was always a good man, a large-hearted man," said colleague Ellen Roorscoot, who added that the assemblyman never missed a day of work in his long career. Mr. Crinkle's daughter, Tina Crinkle-Smythe, said of her father, "He was such an inspiration when I was growing up. I can't begin to imagine life without him."

People from all over Waffle Town were eager to tell stories of the assemblyman's kindness, wisdom, and generosity. Madeleine Phent of Phent Grocers remembers Mr. Crinkle as a frequent customer who once helped change her tire. "They don't make folks like him anymore," she said.

Assemblyman Crinkle, who turned 62 in January, is expected to return Wednesday from his trip to Italy.

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