04 February 2008

Smooth Sailing Ahead!

Today at Waffle Town Lake there was a SAILING REGATTA involving eighteen participants! For those of you who were not there, you missed great fun!!!! For those of you who were there, didn't you have fun?!?!?!!?

It was a clear day, the sun shining brightly, the birds chirping merrily, and the waters cool and crisp for a nice day of regatta sailery. Fun boats were seen, and there was a race! Peter 'Pete' Flemings, famous Waffle Town sailing enthusiast, was not available, but many brave contenders entered the race, some to win, others to lose, all to have a fun and good time sailing.

Gold Medal - Van Morton & "Sea Goose"
Silver Medal - Ievgeni Pultz & "Queen Mary II"
Bronze Medal - Marjorie Song-Hulimn & "Young Jarvis"

Congratulations from Waffle Town to these fine winners and their wonderful boats!

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