16 June 2007

Lots of news....from Waffle Town!

- Bay Henry went for a wagon ride
- Mayor Kolasses signed in some new legislation...the legislation says crab legs 4 every1
- The town square is still the best
- Wagon wheels
- Everyone at Brookburg Building survived the fire...good news
- Happy days are ahead for Seamus the puppy...congratulations on your litter, Seamus
- Mrs. Prollingbeeg had a new baby!
- There is something waiting at the threshold of what we call "existence"
- Overalls costs only $5.00 at the Cabbage Corral
- Nineteen men are consumed by His vision
- Pork is free on Wednesdays
- Kitties and puppies....who doesn't love them?
- New stop signs on Pooger Avenue!

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